Walking the talk on this Republic Day

A day late, but nevertheless here’s wishing everyone and the country a grand 62nd year as a republic. As has been wont around national holidays, we all read a lot about pledging to “remove corruption”,”better governance” etc etc – a laundry list of the usual. To be honest, personally speaking, I can’t anymore pay heed to the rhetoric.  It is too much talk and too little action for my liking and my mind more often than not blocks it out.

A few weeks ago some of us within Canvera were having a chat about issues facing the country and one proud moment came out of it:  for the first time everyone felt  that we are not just complaining but in our own very very small way through Canvera are actually doing something about it. As a founder in the company, I can’t tell you what a proud moment it was. The team discussed about the honesty and integrity with which we service the market (even though it gets tested daily), other members talked about the fact that our products and services today compete on quality on the world stage and we never have to be defensive about “Made in India”, etc.

And that makes this 62nd year as a republic very special for all of us at Canvera. For the first time in the life of a lot of employees, I feel we are walking the talk and through commerce actually making our own little dent in helping shape the future of the country.

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