The Heart and Soul of Canvera Technology

I often feel blessed to be around in times when so much innovation is going on, specially in technology. Most successful businesses today use technology as key differentiator. Over the last 16 years, I have personally been in the middle of software technology evolution. My first project was on mainframes, followed by databases, serious enterprise applications, Internet services, and now Web x.0, social media and mobile platforms. Similarly, tremendous amount of innovation and progress has occurred in digital imaging, media, computing, bio technology, travel and aviation, you name it.

When Dhiraj and I started Canvera, the most exciting thing for me was the opportunity to use technology to revolutionize the way people could preserve and enjoy their memories. And the journey has never been more exciting. Be it enabling photographers to manage their workflow and collaboration better, enabling designers to collaborate with their clients online sitting 1000s of KMs away, or transform the images captured into stunning printed or electronic forms. This has been and will be the mission of Canvera’s technology.

Since we started a little over 3 years ago, a lot has changed (for the better I think) in the world of technology. To begin with, an average human now has access to a decent (mobile phone) camera and has the capability to instantaneously share images and videos. Internet has moved from being a source of information and commerce controlled by a few companies to enabling the average person to create content, collaborate and transact with each other. Computing, personal data, media are now in the Cloud. The line between mobile devices and computers has never been thinner, and in fact seriously overlapping with the advent of tablets. Disruption is happening in media consumption where platforms like Google TV, Apple TV and providers like Netflix are changing the rules of the game. And we happen to be in the middle of all these crazy things happening at a very fast pace. In the not so distant future, we hope to leverage some of these technology paradigms and platforms to bring new and innovative products and services to the market, that will hopefully provide people more exciting ways to preserve and enjoy the moments they have cherished in their lives.

So, what makes me think we can do all this? Well, the confidence and belief is, touchwood, due to the team we have here. Software engineers have the tendency to sit in their cubes and be oblivious to customer and market. But this team has shown unprecedented customer and market focus, building solutions to address real customer and market needs. There is a sense of ownership in each one of them, and the innovation is driven as much bottoms up, as it is top down. It is due to this world class talent in UI, Product Management and Engineering that we have been able to develop and innovate on 6 product lines with a very small team.

Very soon I will write about the products we have built so far, some that are being built and how these align with our direction and mission.

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