Why I love my job – reason#2: Technology

Continuing the series: Peeyush gave a comprehensive view on Canvera’s technology in his last post, so I won’t go over it except to say that it is truly an exciting time with an explosion of input and output mechanisms all connected over the net. The future is hard to predict but I love that we are participating in building it in a very a meaningful way.

Let me just  leave you with a few links about the history of photography:

  • Starts with Kodak http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodak and the invention of Silver Halide technology in the mid-to-late 1800s. In fact from this invention the basic technology for the next 150 years pretty much remained the same with constant improvements to quality, usability and applications. Every time a picture was taken, Kodak/Fuji etc got paid. Chemical engineers/scientists ruled the roost during this period. For  a history on Photofinishing, check out the book Out of the Darkroom by Peter Knaack (disclaimer: Peter sits on our board of directors)
  • The advent of consumer digital photography &  internet in the late 90s completely wreaked havoc with this and is best reflected in Kodak’s stock price (from $8o-ish in the late 90s to under $5 now!). And the interesting part is that the seeds of digital were sowed in 1975 within Kodak, see this article
  • And recently Kodak discontinued Kodachrome – a film that has been around since 1935 as the preferred film for professionals and in fact made it to pop culture through a song by Paul Simon. Discontinuation of Kodachrome really marked a watershed moment in the devastation caused by the film-to-digital transition. Check out this nice retrospective on Kodachrome by CBS news

Today Facebook is the largest photography company in the world, a company that did not exist 7 years ago!!

It truly is an amazing time to be be part of this industry and trying to build technology solutions to service the changing consumption and distribution patterns. And I love it!

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