The Canvera Technology Engine

In my previous post, I had stated the mission of Canvera Technology; to bring out technology enabled products and services that allow people to preserve and cherish their memories in innovative and exciting ways. In this post, I would like to shed some light on the engine that makes it all possible, and how this engine is shaping up. Also a sneak peek at a new online product that we are close to releasing.

Canvera is powered by 6 software product lines. Some of these are back end systems that help our internal workflow to churn out hundreds of personalized products everyday,  some include core imaging technologies that makes it possible to delivery the quality and SLA day in and day out, and some are products that our customers use to design, collaborate and order.

Technology Architecture

Technology Architecture

Before getting into these product lines, it would be appropriate to introduce the Technology Architecture (see diagram to the right) that brings all these product lines together, that also shows how we think about developing systems and products, the key players in the ecosystem and the technology paradigms we embrace.

Canvera Labs: This system does the pixel crunching on all the images that we receive. Since majority of our customers are professional photographers, each order typically contains 1.5-2 Gigabytes of data (in images). This system does the colour correction, calibration to our printing systems, and manages different parts of the order through their production and eventually bring them back together to package and ship them.

Canvera iConsole: As the name suggests, this system is used as the primary console by all Canvera Employees. If this system is down for 10 mins, our business stops for that time. This is the mission critical system for us. It handles end to end order processing, payments and reconciliation, and provides a role based dashboard for all users.

Canvera Pro Designer: This Desktop Software allows users to design personalized products like Coffee Table Books and Calendars. Users can choose to use pre-designed templates to design a product in minutes, or can completely customize the products according to their taste. This also support online ordering of the product from within the software. This is available on Windows only as of now…unfortunately we have not been able to prioritize the Mac (OS X) version yet.

Canvera Preview: This web based online system allows our customers to collaborate with their clients on one hand, and designers on the other. Designed products can be previewed online and comments/feedback can be provided directly to the designer, thus significantly reducing the pain and time to design a personalized product. In fact, this product was instrumental in brining many of our (offline) customers online. web ordering system:   This is a central portal for customers where they can manage orders, track shipments and create and share online galleries. Currently, basic print ordering is also supported thru this portal. In the next few months, we intend to roll out the next generation of, which is very exciting. I will write more about it when we are close to releasing it.

The sixth product line is the most exciting, partly because its the newest product that we are developing, but more so because we don’t believe such a product exists anywhere in the world. This product will enable regular consumers to get what many of us long for, but are often not able to get due to its complexity and technology involved. This product would also provide creative professionals a platform to bring their creativity to masses. More on this product line after its release. Stay tuned.

This hopefully provides some insight into the amount of technology required to deliver world class products consistently, and sheds some light on how Canvera as an imaging technology company is looking to bring innovative products and services to the market.

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