Why the name “Canvera”?

Well, firstly “.com” was available! That’s always good :-)

But more than that in the one year Peeyush and I took to raise money we talked a lot about our experiences and where we thought technology in general and Digital Imaging (Photography & Video) in particular were going.

What we are seeing today is that across categories, technology is allowing consumers to be who they are and is unleashing the long tail of creativity and personal expression. Today platforms provide the “standardized” toolset and let consumers & service providers “configure” them in ways they please. That’s the future that is being built today by a whole host of small and big companies in every field – a transition from traditional aspirational brands to platforms. And we felt that it should be no different for a Photography/Imaging company.

So we hunted around for words that meant “platform” and Peeyush finally entered “platform” on this site. Go ahead, enter it and you will see a word that looks close to Canvera (which was just an easier to pronounce variation of what you see there).

There, now you know!

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