And thus Vivyo was born

Special pictures deserve a special place. We at Canvera constantly think about ways to improve the way special pictures are presented. Our effort on this front hopefully shows in our printed products. Starting from the quality of the book itself, to the packaging and the supporting services, we try and make the entire experience something that will please our clients.

While printed products have that timeless charm and romance, these days its also very important to be able to share the pictures or videos online. After all, printed products are physical and there is a limit to physical things being shared and interacted with! Today there are various options for online sharing (Facebook, Flickr, Picasa etc.). Most of the casual pictures from your phone are usually shared on these ‘Social Networks’. But what about those special pictures? What about pictures from events that are very very important – a wedding, child’s first birthday, 25th wedding anniversary, honeymoon, a photography exhibition etc. etc. Some pictures from these events can be shared on Social Networks, but you would not want these memories to get lost in your social network timelines after a few months.

For the past two years, we have been researching on how to enable photographers to present their work online in a way their images deserve. After all, creating a personalized website is not easy. There are various elements involved – design, development, hosting, storage, security, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc. And if you are in the business of photography, throw in e-commerce. Setting up of online payment gateways is a huge barrier in itself. It does not stop there – today, people want to view pictures on their mobile phones, so your pictures should be seamlessly accessible on mobile devices. Tomorrow it will be the internet enabled TVs, and on and on.

It has been our endeavour to help photographers focus on what they do best – take stunning pictures – and leave the rest to us. Hence we decided to work on an online presentation, e-commerce and social platform for photographers.

Today, we are happy to present Vivyo – an online platform for photographers. Using Vivyo, photographers can create real photography websites within minutes. The look and feel of the website can be customized using a rich library of website themes available on Vivyo. It is completely integrated with social media. You can share pictures to Facebook & Twitter right from the website, and add pictures from Facebook, Flickr etc. to your website. Visitors to the websites can order personalized products, be it prints, posters, calendars, or other photo gifts.

For professional photographers, Vivyo provides a completely integrated e-commerce platform, supporting all credit cards and most net-banking options. It also allows photographers to collaborate with their clients by allowing image proofing and selection, and provides security through private websites and galleries.

We have currently launched Vivyo in a closed beta mode, and are working with few clients, whom we would like to thank for being part of the Beta Program. Vivyo is already being used by photographers for a variety of online photo applications like Weddings, Photo Exhibitions, School Events, Photographer Portfolios, etc. However, this is just the beginning. We are working to add some very interesting and exciting features in the coming months to make the Vivyo experience even better.

We have published a couple of demo websites where you can get a hands on feel of a Vivyo website. Feel free to play around and let us know what you think.

Photographer Portfolio Demo Website:
Wedding Even Demo Website :

For more information, please visit or write to us at vivyo (at)

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