Canvera’s first tweetup: Report

So we had our first official Canvera tweetup this last Fri at the Canvera office in Bangalore. Much thanks to Kshitiz Anand (@kshitiz), Pramod Viswanath (@PramodViswanath), Anil Rangan (@anilrangan), Vivek Muthuramalingam (@drvivekm) and Vijay Raj (@msigeek ) for taking time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us. A few of them have even been kind enough to write a small report on this meeting that I have reproduced below.

As a company we are deeply interested in all technology that powers photography and imaging. In fact, today our most popular product Coffee-table-books/Photobooks/Albums (with weddings being the largest application for them) could not be produced at quality, scale or fast turnaround time without significant technology. From colour science to workflow automation to order tracking, a lot of technology goes into it. So our interest in holding such meetings is really to hear from photographers of all types on how technology is affecting their photography and for us to stay on top of the changing needs of the market.

We started the tweetup with a tour of our production facility, followed up by look into our design center and finally a demo of our online platform Vivyo. All through we chatted about various aspects of photography, challenges, market expectations, lay of the land, etc. We had perspective from a full time documentary photographer, a design consultant who also does some photography, an IT engineer who dabbles with photography and two software guys who are following their passion to build a landscape photography business – we could not ask for more variety in a first meeting! We also got some very specific ideas on new products and initiatives we could undertake and discussion is already underway to test them out.

This was better than we had expected and we hope to do more of these. Please stay tuned for announcements for future tweetups. Also, if anyone wants to hold a photography related tweetup, please let us know, we’d be happy to play host.

Notes from the photographers who attended

@kshitiz writes:

“One of the amazing things about being in Bangalore, is that you are always surrounded by some amazing people, who are so passionate about what they do. Dhiraj and Peeyush are two such folks!

I have been a loyal Canvera customer since quite some time now, and this tweetup organized by Dhiraj and team, was something that I could not miss, especially when the a thing on the agenda was to show around the Canvera’s production facility. As a photographer, it is very simple to just see the final output in the form of a photo book. But it has always fascinated me to know the level of complexity that one goes through to get a book that is more like a piece of art in itself. The awesome books that come out are a treasure of memories and a testimony to that is that all my clients who have received the Canvera photobooks have loved it!

Needless to say, all were amazed at the amazing facility in terms of the equipments that are being at par with the best in the world, the quality of paper and the processes in place.

What impressed me most was the attention to detail that is paid at every step. Whether its in the consistency across printers or the lamination of the pages or the cutting of paper, to ensuring privacy of the customers and the photographers.

It may sound easy, but when you get to know that all these have to be done in a maximum turnaround time of 48 hours, you are left amazed! Moreover the challenges that they face by doing a business in a country like India, is something you have to appreciate the founders for and taking up the challenge.

A trip like this had my respect level for the founders and the people involved in the smooth running of Canvera, go many levels high! When your belief in something becomes stronger, there is nothing but a world class product and service that you can expect, and I have been thankful that Canvera is able to provide that so far!”


@PramodViswanath writes:

” It was a small tweet that I happen to notice on a Monday morning by one of the relatively new photo printing start up – Canvera, Bangalore. Little did I realise that My response to the tweet would actually make my week! It has been a week since that small tweet association happened and I am still reminiscing on some interesting talks we have had on #photography.

When I looked at Canvera’s blog, I noticed that as part of tweet up, Dhiraj (CEO & Co-Founder), Peeyush (CTO & Co-Founder) & Kultar (VP Manufacturing) would be hosting it for us. Without thinking twice, I just shot them a mail and registered myself confirming my participation.

Little did I know that I would be meeting 3 other fantastic human beings Kshitiz Anand, Vijay Raj and Vivek ! It was 3 hour long discussions and boy-o-boy one of the best tweetups I have ever had. We almost skimmed through various things about our passion called photography.

What struck me the most was, down to earth attitudes of young entrepreneurs – Dhiraj and Peeyush.  In last 3-4 years, the amount of sacrifices that might have gone behind the scenes for them is inexplicable. The entire workflow at Canvera facility is simply mind blowing and super optimised. I am glad I went for this tweet up and got an opportunity to meet the gentlemen in person.

Icing on the cake was when Dhiraj came down to thank us for coming down for the tweet up. Very warm and heartening experience it was! “


@drvivekm writes:

At the recent tweet-up at the Canvera’s office I was both shocked and surprised having been given a glimpse into the facility of what I thought was just an obscure website catering primarily to wedding photographers. I thought they wouldn’t really be interested in photographers who dabble with documentary and editorial work, a small minority with inflated egos who fuss endlessly over the quality of print. I decided to see what it was all about.

Canvera’s three floor facility is impressive with over 250 staff that seemed really busy. Dhiraj and Peeyush, the co-founders told us that the lion’s share of their business is driven by the wedding photography market – a reflection of the photography market of India. They expressed a keen interest in all types of photography and catering to the needs of all genres.

Canvera can surely be of help to pro photographers to make portfolios or small edition books. I saw a few of their books, both wedding and non-wedding and there surely is a possibility of making that beautiful crafted, square format, tirelessly designed book that photographers would be thrilled to share with their peers, clients and even put up for sale.

I have been told that the Canvera’s design team is extremely photographer friendly. Designers are encouraged to interact directly, understanding the photographer’s design preferences and enabling them to build a bond for future collaborations.

Peeyush’s Vivyo demo was insightful. Once the loose ends are taken care of, we can claim to have a Photoshelter or a Livebooks right here. At a much lesser cost. With e-commerce and social media built in seamlessly, Vivyo is sure to attract photographers who want to have and maintain a website all by themselves. I am hoping that the full fledged version of Vivyo will be launched soon so that I can jump on to it too.


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