Tweetup in NOIDA on Jan 24th

I am going to be in Delhi on Jan 24th and Adobe has very kindly agreed to host a tweetup for a small set of photographers. The time is not yet fixed, but will most likely be in the afternoon on Jan 24th at Adobe’s office in NOIDA.

My personal goal for these tweetups is to meet all types of pro photographers and hear about the challenges and opportunities both technically and on the business front. I will be bringing some of our printed products for everyone to see and will be ready to demo our online hosting and ecommerce solution that we call Vivyo. But mostly I would like the attendees to drive the discussion around photography so the agenda will not be very tight.

We’ve done one of these earlier in our Bangalore office and it was quite a fun discussion because there were such a variety of photographers who attended. We of course had the benefit of having our production facility and design center there so there was a lot more to show and spark discussions around. That will of course not be possible outside Bangalore. But hopefully it will still be engaging for everyone.

Please email if you are interested to participate. I’d like to keep it to a maximum 5-7 photographers.



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