Photography Website: The pivotal platform for Photographers (Part 1)

For photographers, the best way to market themselves is by showcasing their work. The work can be showcased in many beautiful and interesting forms, be it on printed medium like  coffee table books or prints, or using slide shows or social media in the virtual world. However, in today’s day and age of internet and social media, it is almost mandatory for a photographer to have a website. A website can become a very powerful platform for a photographer to do much more than just showcase their work. This 3 part post talks about how photographers can use their websites effectively to market themselves, reach a wider client base, save precious time working with clients and make more money!

Website as a Marketing tool

A website is like a virtual work address for a photographer. It is the place where potential clients  come to see the work. If the best photographs are posted on the website and are supported by a good website design, it can have a very positive impact on the visitor. This is no different than a printed sample book being showcased by the photographer. The beauty of the website is it can be seen by visitors from anywhere in the world. Hence you are no longer limiting your clientele based on physical proximity. There are more than 2 lakh (200,000) searches for “photographers” that happen on Google in India every month. That is a big number and will continue to grow. Well, a photographer will not be found on that search if they do not have a website! As the traffic to the website increases, the search rank keeps going up thus making the probability of finding the photographer higher. Hence its important to publicize the website URL as much as possible, on business cards, email signatures, social media profiles etc. Since the website becomes the photographer’s pivotal online marketing tool, it is important that it allows showcasing all aspects of the photographer’s work, be it photos, video clips, slideshows, even digital photo products like e-books, greeting cards, calendars and books. In today’s world, a website cannot stand in isolation. It must be seamlessly integrated with social media. The  website’s visitors should be able to share directly from the website and the share links should point back to the website. This will help to promote the website virally. In the next post we will discuss how a photographer can use the website to collaborate with their clients.

Canvera’s Vivyo platform is being designed keeping the needs of professional photographers in the forefront. It allows photographers to market, collaborate, sell and socialize their work. Vivyo allows photographers to setup a stunning website within a matter of minutes, without requiring any technical knowledge or dealing with multiple vendors or service providers. Vivyo  provides a fully integrated solution that includes a stunning photo website, private galleries, e-commerce, fulfillment and delivery. To know more about how to get up and running with photography website, please write to us at vivyo (at) or visit

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