Wedding photography is a great art demanding exclusive creativity: Prakash Tilokani

While Indian weddings get fatter, Wedding Photography in India has also been completely revolutionized in last few years. There is a huge change in the way Indians are getting photographed at their weddings now. Discussing this change, we have a very interesting post from Mr. Prakash Tilokani, the man who really needs no introduction in the Indian Wedding Photography industry.

Prakash Tilokani

Ever since he was a child, Mr. Tilokani was interested in photography. Initially what began as a hobby, today it has become a full time profession. Wedding, Life Style, Portraits and Architectural Photography are his subjects of interests. In his own words, “Wedding Photography is a combination of consulting, planning and photographic skills. Along with this, one needs a wedding photographer with superb social skills to entice the very best from his subject!”

Mr. Prakash Tilokani has won 22 national and international photography awards including two times Gold medal in Asahi Shimbun International Photo Salon held at Japan. More about him and his work available here.

Q. You have been in this industry for long. How has your journey as country’s leading wedding photographer been till now?
– The journey has been quite interesting and rewarding in terms of fame and recognition; and yes, journey has been demanding too!

Q. What are the key changes that you have observed in this industry over last few years?
-As you know, there is a sea change because of digital era taking over and availability of superior technology with respect to equipment and software. And this “Sea Change” requires superior skills and dedication to exploit the potential of “Better Photography”!

Q. What do you think of this new buzzword “candid wedding photography”?
-The word sounds good to hear. That’s why now a days it’s a fashion to project oneself as a Candid Photographer! Even though it’s an important part but it doesn’t make a complete package of wedding photography.

Q. How different it is from conventional wedding photography?
-The word candid itself suggests that photography is done as if the photographer is not present and the moment is captured in the most natural way. Candid Photography is like a flowing river as against the stagnant puddle. And to capture candid moments one has to be very alert and creative.

Q. Which is your preferred style of wedding photography? 
– I don’t believe working in any particular style. To create a complete and beautiful wedding story, we need thorough knowledge of composition, ambiance, moods, the couple and their family etc.  In that way I am a versatile wedding photographer.

Q. What are your views on these new-age wedding photographers of India?
-They are quite good! They like experimenting and bringing something new.

Q. What do you think about the opportunity that a platform like WPOY provides to wedding photographers of our country?
-Yes, such platforms do play a very supportive role. So far, the Wedding Photography was undermined- now there is realization that it is a great art demanding exclusive and exceptional talent and creativity!

Q. Any suggestion that you would like to pass on to new generation of wedding photographers?
-Please take the wedding photography as a challenging art form with full dedication and devotion. Be known by your work and not by equipment you possess.

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