Pursuit Of Passion – Tarun Chawla

In our “Pursuit of Passion” series, we bring you a very interesting interview of  award winning Wedding Photographer “Tarun Chawla“.  After juggling for few years between his day job and photography, Tarun decided to quit in 2012 to pursue his passion full time. A photographer with a difference, Tarun is trying to change the way people perceive wedding photography in India and do we say that he has already been successful in it! His pictures speak for themselves. Have a look at his beautiful wedding clicks below.

Tarun is based out of Delhi and can be contacted at – Tarun Chawla Photography

Read on to know more about Tarun’s views on wedding photography and more…

Tell us something about yourself. What were you doing prior to wedding photography?
I was working with a New York based startup as a developer. Primary work was to develop websites & mobile apps. It was not a typical 9 to 6 job, it was a startup so life was fun! we used to enjoy in office, work long hours, have beer, relax and code.

From application development to wedding photography – how did this major shift happen?
The shift was gradual, I started off with a friend’s wedding just for fun and gradually their friends contacted me. At that time there were hardly anyone doing contemporary wedding photographer so a lot of people started approaching me for their weddings. To buy new equipment I started charging people and one thing lead to another and here I am today!

When and how did you decide you want to pursue your passion full time?
I won Wedding Photographer of year award in 2012 for capturing emotions, that was time I decided I don’t want to work 9 to 6 anymore, sooner or later I would need to quit so why not do it now.

How has the journey as a photographer been till now?
Its been awesome! Have been to every corner of India, from metro cities to far off villages. Wedding photography is insane! The amount of fun you have plus the people you get to meet and the food ;)

Why ‘weddings’ out of different types of photography?
Wedding is a socially acceptable form where I can go and click pretty girls and not get beaten up :-). I love to capture people in their natural state, while doing their work, talking, running around. The natural expression is what I wanted to capture and wedding is the perfect place to do so.

What are the key things that you love about being a wedding photographer?

  • Traveling & exploring new cultures.
  • Awesome delicacies! Some people pay a lot of attention to food at wedding.
  • Making difference in someone’s life & preserving their memories

How tough is it to be a wedding photographer? Do you find it more challenging as compared to your previous job?
It is not challenging, I have shot enough weddings to know how to shoot one without killing oneself. Plus I shoot only 5~6 days a month and rest of the time I spend traveling or exploring new places. So its not at all challenging.

Which is your preferred style of photography? Do you believe in the buzzword “candid” wedding photography?
Its more of contemporary wedding photography. I do ask my clients to pose for pics sometimes, sometimes poses are funny, sometimes classical but yes, it’s a mixture of all styles of photography and not restricted to just candid moments.

Any message that you would like to give other photography aspirants who want to follow their passion?
I would suggest them to learn to use equipment, irrespective of how good you shoot, a blurred shot is waste of time & effort. Irrespective whether you use a digicam or a pro-dslr, you should know every single function of it!

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