Pursuit Of Passion – Vaijayanti Varma

Featuring next in our ‘Pursuit of Passion’ series is Vaijayanti Varma who left her editorial role at The Asian Age to become a wedding photographer. Vaijayanti calls herself a wedding-junkie and loves everything around weddings – from the fast paced environment to the amazing food to the pure happiness and joy to the gamut of emotions! She believes that every wedding is a dream for someone and if she has been chosen to be a part of it, then it’s her responsibility to present it just like a beautiful dream! Check out this showcase of exquisite wedding clicks by Vaijayanti

Vaijayanti is based out of Bangalore and can be contacted at Vaijayanti Varma Photography

Vaijayanti’s journey as a photographer presented below:

“Four years back I was working as an editor with one of the leading newspapers The Asian Age (Deccan Chronicle here in the South), and was doing very well for myself. However, there was always some kind of an unsatisfactory feeling deep down in my heart that this just wasn’t it. After two and a half years of slowly but surely climbing up the ladder in my chosen field of Journalism, I suddenly one day decided that I just couldn’t carry on this way and if needed, would take a small sabbatical to figure out what it is I actually love.

It took me about a year after that, during which time I had already started travel and other kinds of photography and was enjoying it thoroughly but still that feeling of something else being out there for me to find kept nagging me. It was at a very close friends wedding when I decided my wedding gift to them would be taking photos at their wedding and that was when I had my OMG moment! At their wedding, realizing how in tune I felt with everything that was going on there, with the chaos and the excitement, the various emotions of everyone involved. Those little moments between the couple… all of it just made me feel instantly alive.

Though I’ve always been a romantic, I had never considered shooting weddings before. But at that wedding, the rush that I felt while I was shooting, when I got back home and reviewed the photos, the tears in my friends eyes when she saw the photos; and that was when I knew this is it for me.

This was two years ago and i haven’t looked back since!

For me the biggest joy of being a wedding photographer is the fact that I have been given the trust of a couple and their families to capture in moments the biggest day of their lives. And the fact that they would want to see their memories through my eyes. To me, this means they have faith in the way I see things and visualize life and that is the biggest compliment and a responsibility that simply cannot be taken lightly. So I go into a wedding leaving everything behind, giving it my all and involving myself completely in their lives for those few days, so that I’m very in tune with exactly what is happening and how it is happening to be able to do justice to the photos and bring out the exact emotions. To be honest, a job for me is not over till they have seen the photos and once I get the call that they are happy with it, only then do I breathe a sigh of relief and consider it a job well done. Also, the little moments here and there that people end up missing or forgetting. All the little details that get missed in all the chaos. It’s my job to make them remember and nothing else quite compares to the sheer joy when they see something in pictures that they had completely missed at the wedding itself :).

Another thing that makes me love this job so much is the environment at a wedding. I’m a self-confessed wedding-junkie! I love everything about them, from the fast paced environment to the amazing food to the pure happiness and joy that one can only experience at a wedding! It is a very positive environment to be working in & I believe in a place filled with such good energy it is bound to reflect in the photos as well!

Wedding Photography in India has seen a huge change in the last few years. People today would most definitely prefer a non-intrusive, more “candid” approach to their wedding where they can actually enjoy it instead of the traditional form of wedding photography in India, where the overly officious wedding photographer would interrupt during very personal moments or during an important ritual and harass the couple and their friends and family to pose this way or that way, to hold still, etc throughout the event. For me, the term “candid wedding photography” has simply come to mean documenting a wedding as it unfolds and that the photographer does not rain down commands at the clients the whole time and they can actually simply focus on enjoying their wedding, which is how it should be in the first place.

From the era when a few photos were taken only to be viewed once in a decade, kept away in a little box in a cupboard somewhere, to today when its all about the digital era and social networking and a cosmopolitan, urbane and seasoned generation who have larger than life ideas and expectations. Everyone is looking for something that sets them apart, and today, India is teeming with wedding photographers that are all willing to offer them something different from the next. People are now spoilt for choice and this creates a healthy competition in the field where (though there will always be jobs since there will always be weddings), the only way to stand apart from the crowd is to be aware of what’s being done and to just offer your client something different and something that is unique only to you.

That being said, while I do feel that though the younger generation do know what they want and go for it, families with a more traditional or more conservative background are a little less accepting of this whole new approach towards wedding photography & I have often been asked questions such as “but what about so-and-so’s uncle’s daughter’s husband’s picture” or a “what will we do with the picture of the shoes”, but here it is up to the couple to get them to either accept their choice or like what happens most commonly, the couple hires a photographer of their choice and another traditional, studio photographer to satisfy their families. But slowly & surely, the change is happening and i have to say, I am looking forward to being here for a long time and am thrilled to be a part of this change :)

It is a tough job definitely, to make it as a wedding photographer today as it has just gone through the roof. But I’m perfectly happy & content with where i am today and can proudly say I am a wedding photographer. I don’t regret for a second that I made the decision to give up my career for it :)”

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