Photography Website: The pivotal platform for Photographers (Part 2 : Online Collaboration)

In Part 1 of this post, we discussed how a good photography website can play an important role for photographers in marketing themselves and expanding their client base. Once the client is acquired, it’s very important for the photographer to provide great service to their clients. An integral part of service is how photographers collaborate and communicate with their clients. Post the event shoot, there are several instances where photographers need to collaborate with their clients – be it for proofing or selecting the pictures, collaborate on designing the coffee table book or wedding book, or simply conveying information about important people or moments from the event. Also, friends and family of clients may want to look at pictures from the event!

This level of collaboration usually takes a lot of time and effort of the photographer and their clients to keep going back and forth and sometimes use primitive methods like pen drives, DVD and even email to share the images. This results in loss of productive time for the photographer, and hence loss of revenue!

Reliable Storage and Security

Another important factor to be considered by the photographers after a shoot is preserving and security of images. Imagine if the hard disk crashes and even a few images from the shoot get lost. Or imagine a situation where the images are shared on a platform like Facebook, and someone downloads the images and uses them without the client’s permission. The business risks associated with such lapses can potentially result in permanent damage to reputation of the photographer, and are just not worth taking.

Privacy and Collaboration

In today’s online world photographers need a reliable and secure platform to collaborate with their clients. Once the shoot is done, the immediate priority should be to reliably store the images so they don’t get lost due to hardware failures. We highly recommend a cloud based platform that guarantees permanent reliable storage of the images. Once the images are safe in the cloud, the next step is to make them available to the clients in a secure manner. The most  optimal way to do this would be to allow access using a private password protected gallery. This ensures that images and videos are visible only to people who have been given the password.

While viewing the images, clients would typically like to select images that ought to be used in photobooks or wedding albums. Wouldn’t it be great if the clients are able to select the images online within the private gallery itself, and tag or comment on images that need special treatment? This should be an integral part of viewing and proofing the images.

Canvera’s Vivyo platform supports all these collaboration features under the “Pro” plan. We have recently released a self service Free Trial version of the platform – we would like to invite all photographers who wish to have create a stunning photography website and also collaborate with their clients online to give Vivyo a try at !

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