Selecting the right wedding photographer: Sanandita Chakraverty

Long after your wedding flowers have wilted, your cake has been eaten, your guests have departed and your venue has been swept clean, it will be your wedding photographs that will be there with you – the photographs that will help you to look back and remember the joy, the tears, the excitement and the emotions of one of the most special days of your life! Selecting the right wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the key decisions that you need to make while planning your wedding, after all it’s the event of your life that needs to be preserved forever. Considering the options available in market today and lack of any systematic information source, it can be a daunting task for couples to find a photographer who can fulfill your expectations. 

Canvera introduces a new series on its blog ‘Selecting the Right Wedding Photographer’ where we will feature interviews of brides / grooms / couples who have selected their wedding photographers carefully and have been happy about their decisions. Featuring first in this series is a bride from Kolkata  Sanandita Chakraverty who can never  thank her wedding photographer enough for capturing her wedding so beautifully. Read on to know more about Sanandita’s wedding and her photographer…

Who was your wedding photographer and how was your experience with him / her?

Mr. Prasanta Singha was my wedding photographer. I had a very good experience with him. He was a complete professional yet bonded like a family member.

When did you start the process of finding a good wedding photographer and how much time it took you to find the right one?

Since I was always looking out for a perfect wedding photographer, my hunt for my wedding photographer within my budget had started on a random note over Facebook, where I would visit wedding photography pages/websites by different photographers and ask for their availability and rates. I had first decided on a really good photographer from Delhi, who specialized in candid wedding photography, but by the time I had approached him for my wedding, his rates were sky high. That was when I had to settle down for the best in my home-town Kolkata, where the wedding took place.

How did you come to know about your photographer?

I luckily saw Prasanta Singha’s work through one of our mutual photographer friends. She had “liked” one of his shots and I was lucky enough to notice it on the Facebook ticker. One thing followed another, and by the time I visited his photography page, I was mesmerized by his candid shots. Though he was a part-time wedding photographer then, and was probably 4 assignments old, I had zeroed down on him completely for my wedding. (Mr. Singha is a full time photographer now and is some 40-50 assignments old)

Why and how did you decide to go ahead with him / her?

I liked his photographs so much that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I messaged him about his rates and availability. My wedding had not even been fixed then. But there was something in the destiny, my wedding was fixed within a month “out of nowhere”, and I got back to him for his availability as soon as the dates were final.

Prasanta Singha’s rates suited my sister’s budget, who had thought of this unique wedding gift, in the form of a 3 day photography package for us. She loved his work as well. Hence, after a brief discussion with my sister, who had planned to gift me something as memorable as this, we settled down on him.

Who decided on the style and type of photography? Did you give any specific set of instructions to your photographer?

We were well aware that Prasanta Singha was a candid wedding photographer, while his assistants took the relative-family friends group shots. We did not interfere much in his style of photography, as we had complete faith in his work. Some specific set of instructions had been warranted from the photographer himself like, introducing our set of close relatives, family friends, etc. so that he could focus on people close to the wedding couple.
Instead of giving him instructions, I took a lot of suggestions from him. He helped me out with the perfect background for my wedding and reception venue, the colour co-ordination between my family’s outfits and the kind of light décor that he wanted for the venue.

What all were the deliverables of your photographer in the overall package?

The overall package included the soft copies of the photographs by him and his assistants in high resolution which were delivered to us in the form of DVD. We are still awaiting a CANVERA album from the photographer, which is in the process.

Can you please share the picture of the best moment captured by your photographer and why did you like it?

Picking out one snap among the 1500 odd snaps that were taken on a 3 day wedding expedition is a tough job! However, if you still ask me for that best moment, it has to be this.

The reason is simple, the groom had just put the vermillion in my forehead, and we had this million dollar smile expression, which was so well captured!

Any tips on “how to select the right wedding photographer” for the new generation brides and grooms?

Well, just keep an eye for the best one as per your budget. Ask common family friends, relatives who have already had a good experience with one. And plan your wedding well in advance to avoid disappointment, since these busy professionals are booked well in advance, and can accommodate only one booking per day. I would rather say, don’t be hesitant on even shuffling your wedding dates to get the right photographer. It is futile regretting over poor images from the most memorable day of our life.
And also, build some chemistry with your wedding photographer so that you don’t hesitate to look into the camera or smile naturally so that the photographs come out well. Trust him and his work, for he is the one you have relied upon for capturing the most precious moments of your life.

Bride’s Name: Sanandita Chakraverty

Photographer’s Name: Mr. Prasanta Singha

Photographer’s Website / Facebook page: Prasanta Singha Fotography

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