Selecting the right wedding photographer: Pavitra Ajay

We’re glad to receive your wonderful response for our first post on “Selecting the Right Wedding Photographer” and we hope that these stories of real brides and grooms will give you some practical insights that can help you in your photographer selection process. Featuring next in this series is the bride Pavitra Ajay, who is simply in awe of her wedding photographer! Her overall equation with her photographer was absolute fun, something that she truly believes helped her in having great memorable photographs. Read on to know more about her wedding photographer.

Who was your wedding photographer and how was your experience with him / her?

My wedding photographer was Justin Jaideep Xavier. The experience with him was really good because I have my best memories captured in the most articulate way.

When did you start the process of finding a good wedding photographer and how much time it took you to find the right one?

Frankly speaking I had met Justin just once almost a year before my wedding and at that point my wedding was not even fixed. I just saw him take one picture and told him you have to click at my wedding and voila the pictures speak for themselves.

How did you come to know about your photographer?

I was introduced to him through a friend and now he is my buddy.

Why and how did you decide to go ahead with him?

That one pic of mine he clicked with my really close friend made me think about him. Post my pre-wedding shoot with him, in my mind he was “THE” one to capture those special memories at my wedding.

Who decided on the style and type of photography? Did you give any specific set of instructions to your photographer?

All I told him was that my husband is really shy (turned out otherwise), so may be a bit of a problem at the pre-wedding shoot. He knew what pics to click and I had to put up my best bubbly self with the Fiance/Husband.

What all were the deliverable of your photographer in the overall package?

The pictures edited and raw in a cd. He also helped me design the album.

Can you please share the picture of the best moment captured by your photographer and why did you like it?

After all the rituals from 5 am in the morning we still had energy for the best pic from our wedding and thanks to my photographer friend for this. He deserves all the credit.

Any tips on “how to select the right wedding photographer” for the new generation brides and grooms?

There is no specific tip as such but you should definitely have some kind of rapport with the photographer as it makes the photo shoot fun and the pics make a lifetime memory.


Bride’s Name: Pavitra Ajay

Photographer’s Name: Justin Jaideep Xavier

Photographer’s Website / Facebook page: Justin Jaideep Photography

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