Exciting changes to the Photobook Website: Improved Photographer branding & enhanced UI/UX

A few months back (in June 2013), we launched a very exciting feature with our Photobooks. We took the Canvera Photobook experience to a whole new dimension – a dimension that has no limits. Each book that we ship now, comes with a website of its own! If you have not see one yet, check this out.

Passcode: 25184b

This last weekend we gave a complete facelift to this offering. As you can see, it is a password protected website which ensures complete privacy of your and your client’s pictures. And by the virtue of being online, the potential of its reach are limitless. Now its not just your clients, but their friends and families can instantly view the Photobook anywhere in the world!

Photobook Websites

Photobook Websites


The Photobooks can be viewed on Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. They can also be easily shared via FacebookTwitter or simply by Email. Viewers can turn the pages manually (using mouse/keyboard on PC/Mac or swipe on tablets/phones) or play a slideshow and enjoy the experience. And yes, we back this up with soothing music playing in the background (which can be turned off if you wish to view it silently).


We are taking the wonderful experience of viewing Photobooks online one step further. On the Photobook website, we are now also linking the Photographer’s brand via a dedicated Photographer Profile page. Visitors to Photobook Websites will not only be able to get detailed information about the Photographer and view their work, but will also be able to contact them directly from the Profile page. These profile pages are also linked to Social Networks, and will soon be searchable on the internet. We believe this will help Photographers immensely in expanding their reach to a wider market beyond the limitations of their physical world.

As you open the page the photographer’s name comes upfront right in the center. This gives us time in the background to load the book and say in case of a wedding, it establishes for all the viewers the person who shot the wedding.

Once the page is opened, the name of the photographer and a link to their profile appears on the top right hand corner.

The clickable link takes the user to the profile page of the photographer. In the above example it goes to: http://photographer.canvera.com/south/bangalore/click-studio/

 This page has all the details of the photographer including a “CONTACT NOW” button which provides the user immediate access to the photographer’s phone number and will also generate an email and SMS to the photographer if the user wants to be contacted.

In a wedding or an event, there are only so many people who can see a physical copy of the book. But with a website of the book and branding for the photographer, hundreds of people can enjoy the book and that many people can actually learn about and contact the photographer if they like the work. We are really excited in rolling this out and working tightly with our customers in addressing their branding needs.


We have also completely revamped the user experience. Starting with a much more elegant and modern layout of the page that focuses the user on the content. On the desktop there is also a background soundtrack that plays that enhances the viewing experience.

A simple & elegant menu at the bottom allows the user to look at page thumbnails, view the book in full screen mode, play a slideshow, share on social media/email and get more information about the book and the photographer.

And finally most of these functionalities have been replicated for tablets and mobile phones. 

We are really excited about rolling out this feature with our Photobooks. In many ways, this is probably the most significant update to our Photobooks till date, and combined with integrated Photographer profiles, it creates a Win-Win situation for Photographers and their clients.

We would love you hear about your experience with this feature. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can add your comments right here on the blog, or reach us via our Twitter or Facebook page.

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