Selecting the right wedding photographer: Vaishali B

Thank you for your great response towards “Selecting the Right Wedding Photographer” series. We’re happy to know that you liked it. Based on your requests, we are back with yet another insightful post in this series. Featuring next is bride Vaishali B from Mumbai who is so happy to find Ashok Kumar as photographer for her wedding. Vaishali suggests to select the wedding photographer very carefully but more importantly, trust your photographer once you have hired him/her. Read on to know more about Vaishali’s wedding and her photographer.

Who was your wedding photographer and how was your experience with him / her? 
I am Vaishali and married Karthikeyan, on June 21, 2013. He is from Chennai and I was based in Mumbai. We requested Ashok Kumar, a famous candid photographer from Chennai to cover our wedding as we did not have time for pre wedding shoots. And I am glad we made the choice as looking at the photos now really transports us to another place. He was very professional, we were very comfortable with him, and most importantly he has given our photos a unique flavor.

In your overall wedding planning activities, what was the priority of finding the right wedding photographer for you and why?
Every married couple knows that even with months of planning, the wedding day itself is a blur to them. Considering the traditional Tamil wedding with a number of rituals that we were having, we knew that the best way to remember the wedding was through good, well-captured photographs. Hence, the photographer was someone we started hunting for right after our engagement.

How much time it took you to find the right one?
We started looking for wedding photographers as soon as the wedding date was planned. We always knew we wanted Ashok to cover our wedding as both of us are fans of his Facebook page since years. However, we had to enquire for rates, venues, decide on the site for photography and with all this, it took us a couple of months to block Ashok’s dates.

How did you come to know about your photographer?
Both, my husband and I had ‘liked’ his Facebook page and were regularly updated with his work. He had also covered one of our friend’s wedding and had done a pre-wedding shoot with them.

Why did you decide to go ahead with him?
His style of photographing is unique and not the typical stuff that one usually sees. We wanted our wedding photos to be an extension of the real event and reflect our personalities as well. One look at his work and we knew we had to have him cover our wedding! Each photo he captures is unique.

Who decided on the style and type of photography? Did you give any specific set of instructions to your photographer?
We did give Ashok a lot of freedom to decide on the style of photography. On his part he would take samples in different styles and take our immediate feedback on what type we liked at that moment and focused on the same. We had a chat before the wedding where we gave him a brief. We did not want the usual smiles. We wanted the chemistry between us to be frozen. Wedding is one such event where all sorts of emotions run high, and that is what we wanted to be captured. For example, he has captured the kanyadaan ritual so beautifully, where you can feel the tears behind the smiles by just looking at the photos.

What all were the deliverable of your photographer in the overall package?
He charged us INR 35,000 which included two sessions, morning and evening, with an impromptu post-wedding session in the afternoon. The package included the full original CD- both raw and after post processing. An investment well worth every penny!

Can you please share the picture of the best moment captured by your photographer and why did you like it?
This is our favorite photo because there is a story behind it. During the chat we had before the wedding Ashok had asked us what romance meant to us. “Walking together in the rain”, I had said. My fiance said then that he hates getting wet in the rain but to him romance meant holding an umbrella for me even if it meant getting wet himself. Cheesy! Ashok captured the same feel of that conversation during our reception, even though it didn’t really rain. This was his surprise gift for us. Every time we look at this photo we remember our first cheesy conversation.

Any tips on “how to select the right wedding photographer” for the new generation brides and grooms?
I guess the most important thing is to decide on your priorities and decide what you want captured. The ideal thing for couples to do would be to have one session before or after the wedding to avoid the hassle and have a peaceful session. But most importantly book the right photographer on time and trust him!

Bride’s Name: Vaishali B

Photographer’s Name: Ashok Kumar

Photographer’s Website / Facebook page: Ashokarsh Blog & Ashokarsh on Facebook

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