How To Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Photographer

We did a series of posts on “Selecting the Right Wedding Photographer” where we featured views and interviews of real brides. Today we’re happy to present to you our new series – “Tips & Suggestions for hiring a Wedding Photographer” by none other than India’s most eminent Wedding Photographers. They will  tell you what to look for when hunting for the right photographer for the most important event of your life.
Featuring first in this series is a wonderful post by the very talented Wedding Photographer Navdeep Soni. 

This topic has been on my mind from last few months and finally I am punching keys to frame my experience and thoughts into this post. In my opinion the post will help not only the couples but wedding photographers as well. Weddings especially in India are big extravagant affair which requires a lot of immaculate planning and detailing. Wedding photography has emerged as one of the key areas of wedding planning. The couples are spending a lot time, energy and money to choose the best for their big day. You may choose the best destination wedding photographer available. (Well how to choose to a wedding photographer will be on some other day) But how do you make sure that you get the best out of his services. There are some simple but effective ways which can ensure that. Interestingly it does not require any extra spending.

We all infamously know and believe that we are hiring an artist/s. As a wedding photographer he or she has a unique style of capturing the weddings. Well this is certainly true but there is another aspect which is attached to artists, it is the inspiration, no matter what their art form is. There can be some easy and indirect ways to inspire, motivate and generate that “special” interest in your photographer. Most of the photographers look forward to weddings that help them go extra edge. They want to create something special and surpass their own previous work. Let me highlight few but essential areas that can be helpful to you.

1. Communication : One of the key area which unintentionally lags is the communication between the couple and photographer. If you find that your photographer is available on email/phone whenever you need him/her, make sure you try to respond to his/her queries as well. Keeping the photographer informed is the key. He/She will always feel connected.

2. Accommodation : Most of the couples prefer to arrange accommodation for their personal wedding photographers. This is actually good and lots of photographers want that. It eliminates the need for managing the logistics and concentrates more on creative and artistic part of the wedding. So where is the catch? Always try to book accommodation at the venue or near the venue. If the photographer ends up travelling 1 hour drive due to traffic or distance, he/she is not only wasting energy but the time as well. Imagine if there is one event in the morning and the next one in the late evening and he/she will end up commuting anywhere close to 2-3 hours.

3. Delays : Delay in Indian wedding is almost inevitable. Personally speaking I have been fortunate to cover few weddings which were so well planned that there was hardly any delays. But no matter how immaculately we plan, there can be delays. If you feel you are running behind the schedule, call your photographer. Keep him/her informed. You can take help from one of your friends/cousins and assign the responsibility of interacting with the photographer.

4. Events : Most of the candid photographers like to look into the details and all the events that are required to be covered. The best quote you have been offered is based upon those details. If there is change in plan, do talk to your photographer. Don’t surprise (or shock) him/her with new revelations when he/she reaches your city. He/She might feel cheated. You don’t want that “special” interest to fizz out.

These are just indicators that can keep the photographer in a happy place in terms of his/her mind. Though the photographer’s shooting style will remain the same, he/she will bring that extra edge to his photography owing to little things that can make hell lot of a difference.

By Navdeep Soni

Navdeep Soni is an accomplished wedding photographer from Pune, whose work has been featured in established international wedding blogs, magazines and books. He has shot destination weddings to intimate weddings across India. Being a destination Wedding Photographer in India, he has loved shooting destination weddings in Udaipur, Jaipur and Kerala. He is an ex-WPJA member. He can be contacted at

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*This post has been reproduced here from author’s website with his permission.

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