5 Tips to Kickstart Your Hunt For The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Tips to Kickstart Your Hunt For The Perfect Wedding Photographer
Great photographs that capture the magic and emotions of your special day can be life-long treasures. So it’s vital to choose your photographer wisely. As with everything important, it pays to be organised and informed from the very outset.

1. Start Early

Wedding photography is a relatively new field in India, but it’s growing at a dizzying pace. The better the photographer, the more they are in demand. India’s top wedding photographers often get booked out as early as an year in advance. Which means you need to start looking NOW.

2. Know your budget

Apart from photographer fee, your wedding photography budget should account for the cost of printing, framing, albums, storage devices and so on. A handy rule of thumb is to allot roughly between 10-12% of your wedding budget for photography. You may choose to revise your figure if you find an absolutely terrific photographer, or a terrific deal. Hopefully, you’ll find both.

3.  Know how much you want

It’ll help with the budgeting if you have a prior idea of how many images you want and in what form. Today’s digital technology enables photographers to provide you thousands of images. You may choose to print all or only the hundred you like best and post the rest on social media. It’s possible to convert your wedding album into a stunning coffee table book or have your photos printed on coffee mugs, fridge magnets and T shirts. All these choices impact your budget.

4. Know the style you want

There are no right or wrong styles when it comes to wedding photography. What matters is how you want your special day to be remembered. Informal, candid images, where the subjects may not even be aware they are being photographed, make for great story-telling and capture natural moments that can be magical to look back on. Well-crafted formal portraits capture the grandeur and majesty of a traditional wedding. Black and white images impart a timeless, classic feel to the occasion. Dramatic lighting, saturated colours and blurred motion are great for capturing the vibrancy of the Great Indian Wedding. Most photographers will be more comfortable with one style over others. If you are clear about what you want, you will know what to look for in a photographer.

5. Do your homework

Asking newlyweds you know for photographer recommendations is a good place to start. But to be really thorough, we suggest you go through as many photographer portfolios as you can find. The Canvera Professional Photographers Directory (photographers.canvera.com) is a great database of Indian wedding photographers. Go ahead and play critic. Does any particular style catch your eye? Is there anyone who seems great at capturing just the right moment or emotion? Do also keep an eye on photographer ratings as they are a good indicator of the level of dedication and professionalism you may expect from the photographer.

Good luck with your search!

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