8 Tips To Make Your Wedding Photographs Flawless

Chandru-Featured-imageYour wedding needs the perfect photographs to go with it. So ensure that you capture the happiest day of your life with the right frames and aesthetics. An expert in the field of wedding photography, Chandru Bharathy from Focuz Studios gives you pointers for a picture perfect Wedding Day. Create flawless memories that last a lifetime by avoiding these common practices.

1. Couple Shoot And The Associated Problems

Every reception/wedding event stretches to a minimum of 4-5 hours. The bride and the groom are exhausted by then, and it would be completely atrocious of us photographers to request a couple photo-shoot right after the event. For one, the make-up gets botched due to over-exposure to light and the general fatigue that is typical to a wedding. We recommend that you get ready an hour before the event, and spare us some time for the photo-shoot. Trust us, we understand how important the wedding event is and want your wedding album to be flawless. An hour’s effort would really make every peek into your wedding album awesome :)

2. Help Us Click A Perfect Family Portrait

The reception arena is crowded. People are queuing up to wish you and your family and this makes it extremely tough for us to click Family Portraits. Clicking Family Portraits after the reception is also problematic. Guests are leaving, guests are eating and it becomes imperative for your respective families to be with their relatives. The best option would be to shoot for Family Portraits right before the reception. Your family is fresh out of the make-up room, and so are you. Spare some time for us, inform your respective families about the shoot and keep your guests off stage just for a little while. We will make sure that we click a timeless Family Portrait for you. And we will also give you a rock-star badge for achieving this feat of summoning all your family in one shot before the reception. It’s monumental!

3. For An Aesthetic Wedding

We understand that it is difficult to constantly keep an eye out on the aesthetics of the wedding stage, but setting some checks in place before the bride and groom arrive on the wedding stage will definitely add up to a more artistic and ‘complete’ photo album. Textile covers strewn around are a huge distraction. Cardboard boxes, empty bags and random plastic covers stand out in photographs – all these could be well avoided. It’s those small things that matter, don’t it? A little extra effort to avoid using plastics on stage would work magic in all your wedding pictures.

Pro-Tip: Using brass/silver makes your traditional wedding stage look top notch and classy. An added bonus is some completely non-intrusive, blended pictures that go well with the theme and mood of the wedding.

4. Do Not Hire Two Photography Teams

The problem with human beings is that they like to compete when there is an opposite group to compete with. Competition is good, but gambling is not. Two different photography teams come with two different schools of thought, and the vision of the wedding is completely different. Team 1 would want to take Shot A from one angle, and Team 2 would want to take the same shot from a different angle, and boom! There is a clash. The problem here will be that most times, the output of both the teams is affected since both teams are working on outdoing each other, and that’s not how weddings should be shot.

5. Arrange For A Queue Organizer

Please. This will be helpful not just for the photographers but for everyone who is attending your wedding. Indian wedding reception queues are the stuff of Guinness records. They are merciless, long, sweaty and cluttered. An organizer to coordinate and keep the queue orderly would be the need of the reception hour. The onstage pictures would be perfect, everyone gets to be in a shot, and the photographer’s life is also made easy.

6. Bridal Make-Up

Requesting your Bridal Make-up artist to come to the wedding hall is better than you travelling over to the parlor. This will save some travelling time, touch-ups won’t be a problem, and for us photographers, it will be a respite since we can plan for the photo-shoot accordingly.

7. Guest Photographers

The bane and boon of mobile phones is that everyone gets to become the photographer. It is a major nuisance for us photographers when the guests also compete with us in trying to click pictures. Much as the light, the decor, and the angle is important for us, it is also imperative we are not disturbed by guests who, at every opportunity try to click a picture at the cost of the photographer’s space. We are doing our best to recreate the memories and moments of your wedding. It would be awesome if your organizer also kept a tab on guests intruding the photographer’s shots. You could politely tell your guests that you would be more than happy to share your wedding pictures with them. :)

8. Live Your Moment

And don’t be photo conscious. A good photographer will be definitely able to capture you in all your glory, trust them on it, and enjoy your wedding moments. Don’t fret over photographs because you deserve no less than the best. Have fun!


Chandru Bharathy is the director of photography and the lead candid photographer at Focuz Studios. He is based out of Chennai. He loves to experiment with myriad styles of photography, and particularly specialises in capturing cinematic shots with a depth of field, blending them in a photojournalistic style, all with a golden touch of professionalism. For him, taking pictures is savoring life intensely, and he hopes to capture a lot of extraordinarily beautiful moments with Focuz Studios.

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/FocuzStudios.Photography

Website: http://www.focuzstudios.in

Canvera Profile: http://photographers.canvera.com/south/tamil-nadu/chennai/focuz-studios


*This post has been reproduced here from author’s website with his permission.

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