Photographing a Path to New Life

Copyright-Devasyah Studios

Copyright-Devasyah Studios

A growing photography trend, maternity photo shoots are ideal for expectant mothers to capture every moment of their intimate experience. Couples these days are inspired and excited to welcome their pregnancy and impending child birth. Being more comfortable with their growing bodies, they are inspired to document their journey towards parenthood.

We are presenting here the story and the intricate details of a beautiful maternity photo session of Amy, captured by Devasyah Studios.  Devasyah Studios is a premier photography studio that excels in maternity shoots and wedding photography. Their panache for capturing a couple’s love and shooting untouched moments makes them a star in their field. Candid shots and incorporation of bright colours makes their every image a work of art.

This photo session was shot in Udaipur. As Devasyah recalls, Amy and her spouse Tim were a delight to photograph, they knew exactly how they wanted to pose, and which part of Udaipur’s beauty they wanted to portray in the images. They were keen on having a water-front vintage feel to the shoot. This sweet couple wanted to capture a slice of their life before the birth of their twins. Their profound love for each other was inspirational, making it a joy to photograph.

Red is symbolic of auspiciousness, and Amy wearing a red dress symbolises her impending motherhood, which is the embodiment of pure love. Wearing a dashing purple kurta, Tim’s face shows the utter joy of his approaching fatherhood, and the love he has for his wife.






























































In the next set of photographs, Tim and Amy are dressed in white. The white enhances Amy’s glow and her pride in her pregnancy. Amy feels she is blessed to be the mother of twins, and the bliss is reflected in her face.































































Amy revels in this beautiful period of time, and she feels that, with her pregnancy, she is blessed with everything in the world. Without even seeing them, it is easy for a mother and a father to fall in love with their babies. Amy and Tim are living that exact moment.

















































Hearing the heartbeat of their baby is the most astounding moment for any expecting parent, and more so for Amy and Tim, since they are expecting the birth of twins. In the last 3 shots where the couple have posed near the water, the serenity of the water reflects the elation in their hearts.

Indeed truly exquisite moments were caught in this memorable photo shoot!

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