Seeing the World through Street Photography


Image Credit: Abhishek Kumawat Photography

The chance encounters and the unexpected brushes with unusual events on the streets make for a grand documentation in the form of photographs. Street Photography is capturing the stillness of the details of outdoors, the anxious march of a pedestrian across the road, and the hustle of the alleyway that’s always crowded – an unplanned instance you happen to witness.

The name may suggest that this type of photography involves capturing scenes on the streets or from an urban space, but that isn’t necessarily the case, as your photographs can be of anything featuring incidents and experiences in a public place.


Image Credit: Paper Planes Photography


Image Credit: Sic Pic Photography


Image Credit: Neytra


Walking by the big city buildings, the photographer found these artists of masterpieces absolutely involved in the making of the sculptures for a resplendent festival that was months away, while another photograph shows a man taking a few minutes’ rest from the day’s toil, smoking a bidi and probably reminiscing about his hometown; and there was the spiritual man who decided to take a carefree nap on the hot day.

Street photography usually shows the everyday happenings in a light that one’s not used to, making the spectator realize the difference and the similarities in everyone’s lives, thus sparking some mysterious inspiration.


Image Credit: Storeel Media


Image Credit: Dream Photo


Image Credit: Vivahs & Divas

Capturing a child’s ecstatic moment on her temporary swing, making the most of the minimum that she gets; a street musician’s joy in his own music as he plays his instrument, a frame that makes everyone smile; or simply an old lady relaxing at the steps that she’s clearly been climbing up and down for decades.

Street Photography is about grabbing the right timing to click the frame of whatever grasps your attention, showcasing the expression at the moment, it can be a stranger’s stimulating emotions, or the candidness of people’s movements.


Image Credit: Focus Studio

Village scenes like this woman herding her cattle could be a normal everyday instance to the villagers, but the urban residents find the simple life quite fascinating.


Image Credit: Inner Vision


Image Credit: Studio Photo Bird

Men and boys dancing dressed up as wild cats was unheard of anywhere but around Northern States of India, but now we see it in other lands as well. The sadhus paint themselves and parade down the roads during Kumbh Mela, something that happens only once in twelve years. Such photographs bring traditions to light, thus keeping it alive, in a way.

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